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14 Spectacular WordPress Websites You Can Build

WordPress-Powered Website

With over 455 million websites using it, WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world. As an open-source resource, it offers nearly infinite customization possibilities, which has a number of advantages. With WordPress, you can build essentially any kind of website. Additionally, WordPress has attracted a sizable developer community that is constantly working hard to advance and improve the CMS. It is one of the most adaptable technologies available for creating websites, and if you need one, there is no shortage of skilled WordPress development services available worldwide.

14 Different WordPress-Powered Website Types

Here are the top 14 WordPress-based categories for 2022. It should be noted that this list is not comprehensive because WordPress arguably allows you to build whatever kind of website you choose.

1. Blog

Actually, WordPress began as a straightforward blogging software. It has subsequently grown significantly, but it hasn’t deviated from its original form. The blog is a built-in feature of WordPress and one of the main ways to show content. Posts on the blog can be further categorized using categories and tags.

Numerous plugins and themes designed exclusively for blogs are available in the WordPress plugin repository. The developer community has never given up on bloggers and continues to add entertaining and practical functionality, making WordPress the most popular platform for building a private online presence.

2. E-commerce Website

Popular WordPress eCommerce plugins have more than held their own despite some dedicated competitors possibly seeming like the more obvious options for building an online commerce business. In fact, according to Statista, WooCommerce had 36.68% of the global market share for constructing eCommerce websites as of July 2022.

Since its 2011 introduction, WooCommerce has been widely used due to its simplicity of use. It enables you to build a fully functional online store that is set up to offer both tangible products and intangible services. You can also take charge of all other tasks, including managing your inventory, payments, prices, promotions, shipping, taxes, etc. There is a community specifically for WooCommerce that develops platform-specific plugins and themes.

3. Business Website

WordPress provides a reliable foundation for creating several business websites in various niches. Before, creating a website from scratch required hiring a professional developer. But that’s no longer the case because WordPress makes it reasonably easy for even beginners to set up and maintain a basic website. It’s easy and quick to create a page that introduces your company, its services, and your contact information.

WordPress is an extremely adaptable platform, making it easy to expand your website as your business and its initiatives expand. To keep your website and its data secure, there are many excellent security plugins available.

4. News Website

It is normal to move from a blogging website to a news platform. WordPress offers a number of features and methods that make it SEO-friendly, which is extremely important for news websites. WordPress offers a comment area and makes it easy to add images and videos to text, both of which are crucial for news websites. Additionally, you may employ plugins for monetization and premium content that can be restricted to members who are willing to pay.

5. Online Community

WordPress is an excellent platform for creating websites for online communities of people who share your interests. Useful plugins like bbPress and BuddyPress make it simple to convert your website into an online forum with social features like choices for direct communication, the ability to set up chat rooms for groups, and more. It might even serve as the basis for a fresh new social network.

6. Customer Review Website

Portals for customer reviews are growing in popularity over time. This is due to the fact that before buying a new service or product, individuals typically want to hear other people’s thoughts. They are curious in what other people think and have experienced with similar products.

WordPress has a variety of administration options that let you arrange and display material however you like. For websites with testimonials, this is crucial. Use plugins like Schema Pro and WP Customer Reviews, which were created with review websites specifically in mind. They provide you with the option to customize how your reviews are shown, display a ranking system, and also make it possible to communicate with other users.

7. Portfolio Website

The selection of WordPress themes available nowadays is really staggering. They cover every conceivable shape, size, and market niche. Due of the creative functionality that is available, many photographers, artists, and designers are employing wonderful themes to exhibit their work.

In addition, your site can benefit from countless plugins that offer various animations and visual effects. This might enhance the user experience for visitors who are scrolling around your website. Naturally, another advantage of using WordPress for SEO is how simple it is.

8. Restaurant Website

WordPress is a fantastic tool that restaurant owners can use to create an online presence for their company. As was already noted, WordPress provides excellent themes for practically every industry, including this one. You can also use a variety of add-ons to give your site the functionality you want.

Restaurant websites can use plugins like Five Star Restaurant Reservations and MotoPress WP Restaurant Menu, which include features like online menu publication, online food ordering, and even online table reservations.

9. Podcasting Website

Over the past few years, podcasting has grown to be extremely popular, and Spotify now heavily relies on it as part of its revenue strategy. Podcasting used to be a niche industry, but today even celebrities support it. The plan is for a group of people who share an interest to congregate around a microphone and talk about it. This is now a well-established concept underpinning many websites where users can hear from such people.

You can effectively manage a podcast website with plugins like PowerPress Podcasting and Seriously Simple Podcasting. They enable you to create several channels, manage multiple podcasts at once, advertise your podcasts, record them, and distribute them to your preferred streaming platform and website.

10. Event Management Website

WordPress is useful for building temporary websites that are used for administering and arranging special events. You can effectively organize your event with the help of a variety of strong plugins and add-ons made just for this purpose. You may build a calendar, incorporate a map, and even add a ticket sales plugin.

11. Q&A Websites

Similar to generating review websites, WordPress can be excellent for developing discussion forums and Q&A websites where users can post questions on a range of subjects and receive knowledgeable replies. Plugins like AnsPress and Question Answer can be used to add these features to a WordPress website. These plugins typically include practical features like support for several languages, reCAPTCHA, voting systems, and more. These message boards may be the main component of your website or perhaps a minor component.

12. Learning Management System

Learning Management Systems like Moodle, Kahoot, Google Classroom, and Chamilo have recently grown quite popular, making online education a frequent trend. These platforms, however, represent a major time and resource investment. Since not everyone can afford this, WordPress offers a suitable substitute.

You can turn your WordPress website into a fully functional learning management system by using plugins like LearnPress, Sensei LMS, and Tutor LMS. Both educational institutions and private tutors can benefit from their beneficial features, which include controlling and publishing courses, tracking student enrollments, and more. Students are given personal dashboards where they may access courses, communicate with lecturers, and print certificates.

13. Directories

The correct tools make it relatively simple to build directories and listing portals on WordPress, which are typically sites with a continuous flow of visitors. With the help of plugins like WP Job Manager, WP Job Vacancies, and Simple Job Board, you can design quick and simple interfaces for businesses to submit job openings. Users of your portal can browse and utilise sophisticated filters to look for particular job types. The same way, Directorist and Classified Listing may assist you in setting up business directories with classified ads, and Auto Listings is a useful plugin for automobile listings and auto dealers. A lot of fantastic plugins, like HivePress, are also available and may be used to create whatever type of directory you desire.

14. Wiki Websites

Wiki websites offer a wealth of insightful data on a variety of subjects. Sometimes the themes are more general, while other times they belong to certain categories of goods or services and cover advice and tutorials. Such websites must be kept up-to-date, accessible, and organised, which necessitates adequate documentation. For this specific use, WordPress has a tonne of excellent plugins like BetterDocs, BasePress, and Echo Knowledge Base. You have a wide range of options for how to present and customise your content. They also provide robust search capabilities.


Just the tip of the iceberg exists in terms of website types. With so many plugins and adaptable themes available for WordPress, the only restriction is your imagination. And for the vast majority of them, no coding experience is even necessary. Of course, WordPress is also the simplest CMS to find developers for if you have the means.

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